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Fun morning with a nice group from Montana. Thanks again guys!


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Theres There’s a Great White in Biscayne Bay

Couple of diamonds in the rough for the guys today.
A little slow today but found a few nice ones. Thanks @thewanderingbagelrincon for the business. If you are in Rincon check out their shop. Fresh bagels topped with fresh fish!
Nice afternoon inshore trip yesterday. Got a nice variety pack with a handful of throw backs... And if you’re staying around Aguadilla and Isabela take you catch to @olalolaspuertorico and ask them for the “Sea to Table” option and they’ll cook your catch up for you plus 2 sides for $15. Thanks @dctallpaul.  @ Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoImage attachment


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Makes me curious why they didn’t bring dewatering pumps like they usually do... she wasn’t that far gone in the first pic...

Good work captain! Thank you for going to the rescue!

Do you know why it sank? How deep is it that far off?

Gotta love some afternoon offshore fishing. @scales_gear #surfandslay #afternoondelight
Wahoo Wednesday! Over the rail and into the pail. Got em! @scales_gear #surfandslay


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All of your post lately are getting me super excited about our trip back in Feb.

You all are having way too much fun 👍

My little brother killing it

These things never get old to look at. Pretty work Adam!
Slow but successful afternoon for our USCG friends that did that awesome fly by yesterday. Thanks again guys! Let’s hit em again soon.


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Thanks for the fly by....that was awesome!!!

Fun Fact for my mainland people: The Spanish word for Mahi/dolphin is “Dorado” which means Golden. @scales_gear #surfandslay


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Gotta love some Dorado!

Awesome group today. Had lots of unwanted action from the Cuban Wahoo and some nice Mahi. Thanks again guys.
Hit the hump this afternoon for a few hours with hopes of blackfin but they weren’t ready to eat yet I guess. Anyway, Lucked out and found a stick holding a few Mahi.  @ Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoImage attachment
Wahoo Wednesday! Not to much longer till the next full moon ⏳ @scales_gear  #scalesgear #surfandslay #wahoowednesday


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Great job!!! 😊

Awesome fish!

Nice afternoon trip with “Amitey print shop” crew. These are the guys that printed my shirts. Ha. Anyway, Went 1 for 3 with the sails and saw a few nice Mahi around. Thanks again guys!
Sailfish Saturday!
A diamond in the rough. Fishing has been a little slow besides the large numbers of Barracuda infesting the edge.


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Pretty work!!!!

Mahi Monday bitches!!!
Just wanted thank Juan at @scales_gear for hooking us up with a package of their PR line and putting us on the team! Check out their top notch clothing when you get a chance. #scalesclothing


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Good work bud!

Beautiful day on the water. Double fisting beers and Mahi right out the gate this morning. Super fun group from Jersey keeping the party going and us entertained. 😆🍻 🎣
Slow start yesterday but it finally came together the last hour with the help of a little wind and some clouds.
Tuna Tuesday! If anyone wants to know one of the best lures to use in PR or anywhere for that matter, it’s in this guys mouth. Fished on a number 8 planer, it is and will be the deadliest pole in the spread.  🔪 🔪🔪😱
Just getting back from a vacation🏖 and ready to get back on the bite. Who’s hungry for some fresh fish!? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️ Give us a call and book a trip!


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Mike the look on YOUR face is priceless!

Great picture !

Very cool picture. ❤️

Awesome pic man how it going

Solid and all lit up is how we like em! Pretty work Bubba!
Hit it again this evening with our boy Bubba and the moon turned the bite on like a light switch. A little smaller class of tuna than yesterday and 1 out of 2 super nice Wahoo.
Went looking for Wahoo this afternoon and ended up in down town tuna town.
Successful afternoon trip. Got 2 out of 5 on the hoo bites. Get out there if you can this moon!


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Ready for my next offshore adventure!!! Sans panic attack 😂 seriously though, one of the best days I’ve ever had on the water 🙌🏼💯

Wahoo Wednesday let us have a few nice ones yesterday. #wahoowednesday @intoslipstream @scales_gear


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Megan Gregory lollll

Stick em?


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Good luck!!

It’s always a special treat to get some of these for the table. Rainbow  Runner
Mahi monday! Zoom in and check out how deep into the reel backing he is in the chair. Stretched way out!
A awesome group of guys from FEMA joined us today. Had lots of action on the edge and a drooling 45 minute fight with a monster Mahi that left our stomachs in knots when he broke us off at the boat. But at least they have a good story about the one that got away. We’ll get em next time! Thanks again fellas!
Cool shot from the other morning taken by one of our guests.


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Awesome! Miss those boat rides with you guys!

1 outta 3 on hoos and plenty of cudas for our half day today.
Our girl @mrs_kuzmovich getting her first Rainbow Runners the other day. #doublerainbow🌈🌈


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Awesome looking!

Got em! Let me know who wants one. $10. Hanes comfort blend 50/50 and Jerzees 50/50. DM me about shipping them. Shouldn’t cost to much extra, plus I live across the street from the post office. 🙏🏼 @zieglersurfart  @ Aguadilla Ramey baseImage attachment


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Hey baby an xl and a med please love ya!

Bro need some will hit list or Mike up and get an order !!!

Sweet. Text me or DM me on Instagram. I rarely go on Facebook.

Awesome. Just texted u guys

Fun inshore half day with this group from Charleston, South Carolina. Thanks for joining us and hope to see y’all again! And thanks @fathomfishingcharters
To whom it may concern. The Marlin populations are clearly in good condition. Marlin Tournaments working with NOAA marine fisheries show a steady increase of the amount of fish caught every year. So much that there is NOT even a bag limit in place for them anymore. I will never deny any charter guest their right to keep a perfectly legal fish on my boat.... especially one on their bucket list! 🎤 ⬇️ 💥 ✌🏼


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Exactly!! So many cry babies out there that get triggered seeing a legal dead billfish!

Haters gonna hate Mike !

Stud White Marlin today. Can’t wait to get em in the smoker. 🤤


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Cold steel 💪

Awesome half day today. Hit the edge and put some meat in the box and then heading off to try to find some Mahi. We only saw a few but ended up hooking a stud White Marlin that made the day. Congrats to Mike and Dana on your first bill fish and thanks again for joining us..


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We had an amazing day on the water. Thanks for helping us mark off a bucket list. We'll see you in Feb.

Good ole case of the Mahi Mondays. Happy Birthday 🥳 @dctallpaul. Super fun day of drinking and catching for our buddy’s Bday.
Slow day on the edge yesterday. Had a hour left to bottom fish and get some more fish in the cooler but ended up getting blown out by a storm and having to come in early. Sorry guys. Lets try it again sometime. 🙏🏼 @fathomfishingcharters
So this happened @mermy_megan  💙 Thank you @annadolldesigns for creating such a beautiful ring! It couldn’t be more perfect!!! #engaged #engagedtomybestfriend #engagedtonotgetmarried #foreverengaged


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Aww congrats y’all ❤️❤️

Congratulations you guys!! 💕

Oh my goodness! Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyygh





Whoa...congratulations to you and your forever fiancé!

Awesome you guys!

Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I’m so happy for you two!!

Yay!!!! Congrats guys!

Omg!!!! Congratulations, it’s about time!!


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Scrappy day today. Lost a few Wahoo and pounded the scattered grass forever it seemed looking for any kind of structure. Was finally able to find a good handful of small Mahi around which made the day for our guests. 🙏🏼 @fathomfishingcharters
Day 2 with these boy and what a awesome variety pack! Summer time hoos are hard to come by so we are pumped on seeing them in the mix. Thanks again fellas! And thanks @fathomfishingcharters.


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Fucking sharks

Went Blue marlin fishing today. Bad news is we lost a nice marlin on the first bite of the day. Good news is that these fish love marlin lures! Crazy watching Blackfins blow up Black Barts with 400lb leaders. Ended up switching some things around and had 4 Wahoo bites as well. Thanks again guys. We’ll see you in the morning for round 2. Thanks also to @fathomfishingcharters for lining it up! 🤙🏽


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Pretty work, coming to see y'all in the fall

Awesome crew yesterday! Was a bit slow both top and bottom but we made the best of it. We did spend a solid 30 minutes backing down on one bite that was something very large and pulling drag like it was his job. It had our crew in a full sweat before it broke off and had us guessing what it could’ve been. Anyway. Thanks again guys and thank you @fathomfishingcharters
Great group of returning customers yesterday. Trolling is still slow but the bottom fish are still chewing. Hats off to their little girl who was pulling them up like a pro.  Thanks again guys!  @ Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoImage attachmentImage attachment
Finally able to run a spread today because of a north wind blowing the grass out. To bad the fishing was a little slow. Still had a nice handful of bites but only a few stuck, we then hit the bottom for a little before coming in. Thanks again guys. 🙏🏼 @fathomfishingcharters
Cool shot from an eye in the sky. 📸 @helibaj


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Glad to see my old rig being fished and taken care of! Looks great!

Reposting this too. 15 likes is just not good enough. Ha. Anyhow, An awesome couple @sailingsaoirse we met at the marina joined us for a little booze cruise/drag a few lines. They have been on a 7 month journey sailing around the caribbean. Check out their YouTube channel and see their travels if you get a chance. will take you there.
Sorry, reposting this because it got caught up in the matrix the other day. Anyway. Mutton season is finally open here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷!!!! @mermy_megan #pelagicgirl #pelagic #pelagicgear


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Sexy lady!!! Gorgeous Megs!

Heard this legend passed away last night. Hats off to him and all he’s done in his 90 years! Glad I had the honor of hearing some of his fish stories and best of all owning one of his legendary boats. A name that will never be forgotten that’s for sure.


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RIP Omie Tillett 😪

Mutton season is finally open here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷!!!
@mermy_megan #wcw #pelagicgirl #pelagic #pelagicgear
Sunday Funday with my babe and her babe. Oh yeah and the doggies too.


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Where are you guys ?

Miss yall!


Nice , gonna come see y'all this winter.


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Bunch of Hotties!


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Awesome work see you guys in july!!


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Looks good capt!

Offshore trip this past Saturday 8/20/16 with a fun crew from VAImage attachmentImage attachment
7/28/16 Another great half day afternoon tripImage attachment
These guys crushed it the other day on a half day trip! Came across a beautiful grass line and caught limits of MahiImage attachment


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Good work guys!

Had a great tower trip this morning and snagged some big ol Amberjacks 👍Image attachmentImage attachment
Heading out on a half day tower trip. Watch out amberjacks... Were jigging for you!!!
Throwback to a killer mahi day on the Shine Eye Girl


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Twas listening to Brutal this morning ✨🙌🏽

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