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Shine Eye Girl Fishing Charters
Serving Puerto Rico
(252) 457-5256

Hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

We supply all fishing equipment, bait, ice, and bottled water.

Here in Puerto Rico there are many different areas to fish so let us know what you want to do and we’ll make it happen.

Charter Options:

Option #1
Fishing Inshore/Reefs
$650 5hours
$1050 8hours
On this trip we are only fishing around 5 miles out and is a little more kid friendly as it’s normally calmer waters than offshore. We catch a good variety of Snapper, Jacks, Kings, Ceros and sometimes the rare African Pompano.

Option #2:

Fishing “The Edge” or “The Hump”

$750 5 hours

$1150 8 hours

We are fishing 10 – 15 miles out and catching a large variety of fish (Kings, Wahoo, Jacks, Tuna, etc), and we can bottom fish as well. This is our most popular trip.

Option #3:

Fishing “Desecheo Island” or “Placero Bank”

$1250 8 hours

This trip we run 25 miles out and are focusing on larger pelagic species such as Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi and big Blackfin tuna. Plus if you want to snorkle Desecheo Island you can do that as well.

Option #4:

Fishing “Mona Island” or “Pichincho Bank”

$1500 10 hours

We fish 40 miles out for Deep Sea fishing. This trip as 2 options. 1 being just straight up Blue Marlin fishing on Pichincho Bank. This is your #1 trip for landing one if you are interested. We catch Mahi there as well. When fishing Mona we can also get into the shallower water and fish the edge and bottom fish as well which is excellent all around fishing.

Option #5:

Snorkeling, Sunset/Booze Cruise or just Cruise!

$100 hour, 3 hours minimum

BYOB. This trip we follow along the beautiful coast of Puerto Rico. We can stop at remote beaches to swim and explore or make our way around to the light house and just enjoy the beauty. Of course we always troll a couple of lines for a shot at dinner.

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