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About the Boat

Shine Eye Girl Fishing Charter

Capt. Mike Romeo jr. is a 3rd generation Carolina captain with his whole life spent on and around boats and the water. Mike and his fiance, Megan, have been running fishing trips “together” for five years all the way from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to their current home in Puerto Rico. They are well known for running a full 10 line spread with teasers and dredges, raising billfish and successfully catching fish 99% of the time. Capt Mike has been successfully fishing in the Caribbean waters for over 13 years. Mike and Megan have traveled on the 40’ Custom Carolina through most of the lower east coast of the United States, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Haiti and Dominican Republic before settling down in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. They have a passion for adrenaline filled big game fishing and traveling the Caribbean waters.

Fishing Equipment

She is rigged and ready with top of the line fishing gear for whatever the conditions call for:
4 Canyon Reel 80s
6 Shimano Tiagara 50s
4 Canyon Reel 50s
7 Shimano Tld 30s
4 Shimano Tld 25s
4 Canyon Reel 25s
5 Penn spinning rod set ups
2 Penn down riggers


West Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo

Captain Mike

Mahi Mahi Fishing Charter Rincon

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